Climate Games

With the support from Science for Nature and People Partnership  (SNAPP), Dr. Josh Lawler (Environmental & Forest Sciences) and Dr. Dargan Frierson (Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences) and OpenSTEM Research formed the working group: Gaming the Future of Climate Communications. Our working group brought together climate scientists, game designers and developers, and educators together to synthesize existing science on how video games can positively affect behavior, develop a game portfolio, synthesize necessary climate change science, develop, produce, test and release at least one game as a pilot, and launch a center for game design to address climate change. The working group served as the impetus for what would become EarthGames.

EarthGames is a growing community of researchers, game developers and students who share a passion for games and the environment. They are hard at work adapting the latest scientific research to develop amazing video and board games to teach and inspire players about the natural world and our role within it.